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Get motivated and driven health coaching clients with a website that shows that you know what you're doing.

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"I am blown away by your work. I have a lot going on in my life right now, and reading through this just gave me a boost of energy and hope. It truly made me emotional. You are very talented to be able to pick all of this up. This is a big investment for me and I'm really feeling energized by the brand you created for me. Thank you!"

- Erin Mills, A-CFHC, NBC-HWC

Coach full-time

Coach full-time

Get clients who do the work

Get clients who do the work

Make a living

Make a living

Creating your website is hard

  • Doing it yourself is overwhelming.
  • You've trained hard to be a health coach, but your current website doesn't show that.
  • You really need and want some clients and to make money as a health coach.
  • You need a designer who understands what health coaching is (that's me - I'm a health coach as well).
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You want your website to look credible

(and incredible of course)

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Based in strategy

Your website should look pretty, but not just for the sake of it. I build websites rooted in a strong brand strategy, so you can attract clients who are actually a good fit for you.

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Easy to update

You want to feel confident managing your website, swapping out images, updating text, and adding content. Your business will grow, and your website needs to be able to evolve alongside it.

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Outside perspective

I'll be a member on your team - not just building your website, but supporting you, guiding you, and offering an outside perspective (for when you're stuck in your own head, and can't see the forest for the trees anymore).

"From our first communication, I sensed how serious and committed you are to everything you set your sights on. Your exquisite aesthetic, knowledge of building websites and talent as a photographer combined with your understanding of health coaching meant that we could discuss everything with clarity and ease, and that I could trust you implicitly. I highly recommend working with Helena, as a coach, a website builder and a business consultant. Thank you for everything you have done and are still doing for me, Helena!"

- Deborah Garber, A-CFHC

My website design process

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1. Discovery

Before we start creating anything website-related, we dive deep into who you are, what makes your brand and business you, how to communicate those values to potential clients, and craft a strategy that then translates into your website and marketing.

2. Design

Once we've gotten to know each other during step one, and I am clear on your values and brand strategy, I will design your website and build out each page, while continuously involving you for feedback along the way.

3. Handover

After we've agreed on your final website look, I will guide you through the website and show you how everything works on the back-end, so you can feel confident making changes to it in the future.

Hey there! I'm Helena.

I create beautiful, professional and strategic websites for health coaches that get them clients.

I've been through the process of becoming and working as a health coach myself, have worked with numerous health coaches to build their brands and websites, and understand what being a health coach means and what you need in a website.

You want to feel legitimate and confident when sharing what you do with others. You want to feel excited about your website, and know that it represents you in the best light possible (no more outdated, embarrassing feelings about it). You're tired of your to-do list's never ending reminder to "update website".

Reach out if you're ready to stop obsessing over your website and want it over and done with, so you can finally feel confident to share it with people and get new clients. Schedule a call with me, and we'll have a chat to see if I can help you and whether we're a good fit.

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