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Branding + Logo Design
Website Design, incl. custom code

Kate Mayes is a NBHWC and ADAPT-certified health coach. She is a health coach because she believes that everyone suffering from chronic illness can return to a state of health and wellbeing, and that coaching supports and empowers those who wish to make necessary changes to achieve long-term wellness.
I worked with Kate on her brand identity and website. We focused on bringing optimism and hope to those who suffer from chronic diseases, and translating a strong, empowered feeling into visuals.

Mayes Coaching Flyers
Mayes Coaching website on a tablet device

"I can't remember what I paid you to design the website for me, but I can tell you it was worth every penny. I think it was worth twice that if not more. Because I know it takes a long time, even before you put any colours or photos to the page. We met, I don't know how many times, before you had a good feeling of what I wanted and who I was. The value is in all the work you do before you try to provide that image that mirrors the person/coach."

- Kate Mayes (NBC-HWC, A-CFHC)

Kate Mayes Coaching Website on an ipad
Mayes Coaching - being your best, business cards.
Clean, simplistic Mayes Coaching Website

"The website you built for me gives me credibility. The fact that there's a site to go to that contains who I am and what I can do to help others is huge. You've helped me capture that. The part that you played with me was not only in choosing what focused (i.e. drew) a potential client to me, but you also helped construct the organisation; and the look of it says so much. I love how you not only focused on me but you also focused on my story. And it's subtle, but you put me in the very best light, so that I could shine."

- Kate Mayes (NBC-HWC, A-CFHC)

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