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Lorilyn is a trained wellbeing coach, who after teaching for more than 20 years at tsfhe college level and experiencing the power of motivation and engagement in others' lives, was searching for a way to move forward herself and help in an even bigger way.
I designed Lorilyn's website after crafting her brand and moodboard, which focuses on openness and honesty. We wanted the website to be refined, yet relatable and approachable.

Lorilyn Bleckmann's Coaching Website
Lorilyn Bleckmann Coaching Site
Lorilyn Bleckmann's Coaching Moodboard
Lorilyn Bleckmann Coaching Site on Mac

"Wow...this is great; I've just taken a look at the Brand Strategy of ME that you've taken the time to make and send. I feel like you've really captured my message and the essence that I am (or at least aspire to be!). Thank you so much, I really appreciate this. You obviously have a great eye and skill for conveying a message. Your photographer self is showing here!"

- Lorilyn Bleckmann, NBC-HWC, A-CFHC

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