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Deborah Garber is an ADAPT-certified health coach helping food lovers lose weight while enjoying guiltless, delicious nutrition. Deborah offers coaching as well as cooking support and kitchen/pantry overhauls. I have worked with Deborah since 2019 and helped create everything from her custom photography to her logo and website. For Deborah's health coaching brand it was important to focus on values such as simplicity and enjoyment, as well as gratitude, optimism and appreciation. We did so by using a colour palette of light, earthy, natural tones that convey an uplifting spirit and energy.

Deborah Garber Coaching Website
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Deborah Garber Coaching Design
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Deborah Garber's logo design
Deborah Garber's website's aesthetic

"Helena and I met as new students in the ADAPT Functional Health Coaching course run by the Kresser Institute. From our first online communication, I sensed how serious and committed Helena is to everything she sets her sights on. When we got to the stage of the course that required us to plan and conceptualise our websites, I knew that Helena would be my go-to person. Her exquisite aesthetic, knowledge of website building and talent as a photographer combined with her understanding of the field of health-coaching meant that we could discuss everything with clarity and ease, and that I could trust her implicitly. As you can see, she did not disappoint. I highly recommend working with Helena, as a coach, a website builder and a business consultant. Thank you for everything you have done and are still doing for me, Helena!"

- Deborah Garber, A-CFHC

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